The Low Carb Kid vs. Yo' Momma

“Yo’ Momma’ so fat she has her own zip code!”

“Haw! Haw! Haw! Read another one dood! Read one with a cuss word!”

The Low Carb Kid looked up from his cookbook, frustrated by the chortling that was emanating from the Humor section of the bookstore. The Joke Book Kids were back. The plague of book browsers everywhere. No joke book was too unfunny for them; no joke too distasteful for them to read aloud.

The Low Carb Kid dropped his cookbook, said a prayer to Crom, and walked towards the source of the noise.

“Please keep the noise down kids. You’re being very rude,” he said politely, trying to keep his cool.

“Yo’ Momma’ so stupid she gets hit by parked cars!” one of the kids shot back at him.

The group howled with laughter, then quickly went silent when they noticed The Low Carb Kid’s war stare. He responded coldly, “I don’t have a Momma’; me and my Dad share yours, kid!”

“Hey! That one isn’t in the book!” the leader cried out, as everyone in the bookstore laughed and pointed.

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