I walked away, pace quick. Tears were running down my burning face. I heard sobbing, but, tried to tell myself it wasn’t me. I wasn’t very convincing.
I turned one more time to get a final glance at all the fun I had left behind. Well, kicked out of it.
Here’s the whole story:
I was an idiot, my friends abandoned me.
End of story.
Dusk was approaching, and the whole city seemed to become black. Like a gigantic shadow.
I could here all the laughing and screaming from behind me, but I continued walking. Faster.
Leaving the fun, the excitement, the crowd,
an almost-unforgettable memory.
I don’t know what I expected my friends to do on the long ride back home. Maybe yell at me, not talk to me at all, anything, but what happened.
“Hey!” I heard a familiar voice, I couldn’t help but smile.”Are ya comin’?!”. Before I could object, I turned around feeling my hair whip the back of my neck. Then I ran. Back to the fun, the crowd, the excitement stettling back in,
leaving an unforgettable memory.

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