College applications. To colleges I am just a number. An SAT score, a GPA . Colleges see me as just another name on a piece of paper. But their is one part of my application where I am something different. The essay. Two pages of myself; two pages to be me. I get two pages to give the college admission officers a true glimpse of who I am

Their is only one problem. Who am I? What should I write about? My first real boyfriend? When I converted to Christianity? None of these things would give colleges the right message. I was lost. Sitting at the computer a blank word document stared back at me.

I lifted my hands in the air and brought my feet up to rest of the table. It was then that I saw it. The tiny little snail figure drawn on my converse. I was just a snail, but to me it was so much more. Immediately I started typing; not pausing for even a second. I typed and typed, getting it all down.

And in the end I sent off my application with an essay entitled, “She was Lexi, girl who drew snails on her converse.”

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