Soundtrack II

Jeannie was glad that she had showered and taken the extra time required to put on makeup this morning. For as soon as she stepped into the restaurant to grab a bite to eat, she began to hear Bananarama on her own personal soundtrack.

Goddess on the mountain top…

She stopped for a moment to consider the meaning of the song.

Burning like a silver flame…

She double-checked to make sure that the song was for her and not playing in the restaurant.

The summit of beauty and love…

Yep, the grill was playing a country music station. Definitely not Bananarama.

And Venus was her name.

Across the restaurant a man suddenly jumped out of his seat, knocking over his plate in the process. He looked panicked. Almost immediately, he sat back down and quickly regained his composure.

He was the most attractive man Jeannie had ever seen. And somehow, she knew that when he saw her, he would think the same of her.

I’m your Venus, I’m your fire…

She went over to introduce herself.

At your desire.

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