Back in her rightful place Sarabeth saw everything, felt everything. She was Miranda’s friend and guide. She was the missing piece. Everything fell into place with the two. Her mother was allergic to pet dander so Miranda could never have a cat or a dog to play with and comfort her after a stressful day. So Sarabeth fell into that role. With Sarabeth Miranda could never feel overwhelmed or afraid; with her doll Miranda was always happy.

But Sarabeth also saw the hurt. She saw the bruises from the boyfriend Miranda loved to death. She saw the bright red lines on wrists previously unscathed. Sarabeth saw everything from her position on the bed. And she couldn’t fix the pain. Miranda drifted in and out of life, as if living in a fog. She often came in crying on her doll wishing for death.

Sarabeth became the autobiography of Miranda. She wore the dress of Miranda’s childhood. She had tear marks on her face and blood drips on her arms. And when Miranda was sent to therapy Sarabeth never left the teenagers arms.

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