The Stranger in the Mirror is You (Sick Challenge)

The wig was dark red and straight, not like her short brown curls. It was also long, almost to the small of her back.

-Do I really have to wear this?
-Come on, just for tonight.

So she put on the wig and they went to the costume party. Everyone there commented on the beautiful redhead, how glorious she was. I really am beautiful, she thought to herself as a handsome stranger followed her across the room with his eyes.

-Who is she? She heard the stranger ask the host of the party.
-I don’t believe I know, but she’s certainly beautiful, isn’t she?

She realized then, in that moment, that nobody recognized her. Although she was garnering people’s attention, she was also anonymous, in a way.

She lingered on this thought for quite some time after the party.

Weeks passed and the wig was put away in a drawer. Forgotten. But one night while her lover was still at work, she put on the wig. The red-haired woman in the mirror smiled at her. She smiled back. Then she picked up the gun and walked out of the house.

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