Finding Help for Miranda

The three of them, Megan, Miranda, and of course, Sarabeth, sat on the bed that day weeping in sorrow. Megan knew she needed to comfort her friend but also knew she needed to help her.
“Miranda, we need to get you help, we need to get you away from him, from where you are now. You need to start over.” Megan whispered these words into Miranda’s ear. Miranda, who had fallen asleep in Megan’s arms, fliched but didnt make a sound. Megan knew that if she’d said that words that she just whispered into Miranda’s ear when she was awake again, Miranda wouldnt listen, or fuss. So she decided to say what was on her mind before Miranda could awaken.
She had fallen asleep soon after she’d murmured those words; waking up to a bright morning.
Feeling around before opening her eyes, she felt the wrinckled bed spread, and Sarabeth. Then she finally opened her eyes, to find no Miranda…

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