Honoring The Memories

David stood near the edge of the lake. He immersed himself of the memories this place held for him. There was not much more he could do.

They came to this place once every year. A family tradition. They camped out, they fished, they told ghost stories around the campfire while roasting marshmallows for s’mores. It was alway him, his younger brother, and older sister, his parents and grandparents. Sometimes his uncle and aunts and his cousins came along. Now it is just him.

After his grandfathers death, his grandmother could not work up the energy to go. His sister went off to college and found herself with too much to do to attend. His parents got busy with work. His brother now a teenager, not interested in spending time with his family.

So David comes alone, to honor the memories they once shared there. And maybe experience a few of his own.

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