a ghost from the past.

A man and a woman are walking through the park hand-in-hand. They have been dating for many years now and their relationship is still going strong. They are madly in love and are each others confirmed soul mates. They are both sophomores in college, he is three years older but after his graduation he waited for her so they could be together at university.

It is nearing the summer holidays and this young couple can’t wait to return home with their big news, they are engaged. The proposal was one of total surprise to the woman who cried happy tears for the first time her life.

But fate would not be so kind to the two. As they strolled through the university campus a ghost from their past came up to them. She was an old friend long forgotten. She walked confidently up to the couple and stopped about three feet from them. In her hand was a silver revolver.

Two shots were heard, one right after the other, and the couple fell down in a pool of blood. Another shot was heard and the ghost fell next to them.

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