Aphenosmphobia and Hannah

“Don’t touch me!”, Hannah pulled back roughly from the strangers light touch.
“Sorry Ma’m I just wanted to give you your recpiet”, the cashier said, putting the offending piece of paper on the counter.
Hannah took the recipet and signed it quickly, taking her grocrceries and walking quickly out of the store.
She contemplated when really she had started to get aphenphosmphobia, really a fear of being touched.
Suddenly a stranger lightly bumped into her.
She started to panic and ran all the way to her apartment, not caring about the apple that fell from the grocery bag, just concentrating on getting to her aprtment and being safe from all those hands and limbs that could get to her.
Quickly she locked the door and put away the groceries, sighing and starting to calm down.
She was safe now.

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