No Turning Back - I'm Too Far In [Sick Challenge]

Work had been horrible – who else but Matt can start a fire using a coffee machine?! To make it worse, my car won’t start, so here I am, walking the 4 miles it is to get home.

Wonderful.. I think to myself as I feel tiny droplets of rain plop onto my head, giving me a headache. With a sigh, I pull up the hood on my new Aeropostale jacket – what a great day for it to rain.

As I’m walking along, the rain gets heavier, my headache gets worse. I’m about half way to my house, and it’s already dark out. Just my luck, huh?

Just then, I got a gift from God himself – an alleyway that cuts about 15 minutes off my trip! I jump out of pure happiness – thankfully nobody saw it.

I jog over to the alleyway, which is darker than I imagined. There’s something telling me that I shouldn’t use it, to take the next one. It’s like God was warning me. But, decide to stick with this – who knows where the next alleyway will be?

About a third of the way in, I see the faint outline of a man – he sees me too.

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