I chuckled to myself as she stomped over to here red-headed friend and yelled at her. After a while, she started to yell back, and the rest joined in. I would’ve gone over to help her, but then she’d just hang around me alot.

I check my Razr to be sure I hadn’t missed any texts – none. With a sigh, I decide to go over to the punch bowl and grab a cup.

I ended up drinking the whole glass far quicker than I should, or normally would. It didn’t taste quite the same, but I didn’t know why. It was delicious! I refill my cup, wanting more and more. After a while, I felt dizzy. Grabbing on to the table to steady myself, I see my friends looking worriedly at me. I just smile and try to wave, but I ended up hitting myself.

That was enough to bring them running.

“What’s wrong with her?!”

“I-D-K..” Alyssa said, picked up the ladel and sipped it.
“O-M-G, somebody spiked the punch! She’s drunk!!”

“Let’s.. let’s bring her to my house – she can sleepover. Actually, I need reinforcements – all of you come.

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