Emma Two

Later- Science

You know, I acually like science. I do. I loved last year’s life science. It was really interesting and my teacher, Mr. Garber, made it really interesting. But this year, I’ve got Chemistry with Mr. Amerton. Yay.

Today we are talking about water displacement. Booooring. See, I read ahead in my textbook, which is acually sort of good, so I know all about water displacement. In the book it was interesting (not much, but a little), but Mr. A made it completely BOOOOOORING …....

Later- After School Cool Club

Oh. My. God. I HATE this club even more than usual. Club, ha. It’s not even a club, just a stupid daycare for highschoolers. Which of course makes it the dorkiest thing ever to hit Buzz Aldrin High.


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