Emma Three

I’m sitting here in the library, trying to get all my homework done so I don’t have to do it later while I’m babysitting Kyle. Amy’s school goes later than mine and she has soccer practice after school, so I’m stuck with Kyle and all the little brattikins I babysit. Amelia Jenkins, 7; Teddy Bark, 5; Aggie Barns, 2; and Minnie and Mikey Evans, the baby twins. All this, every day, all afternoon. See why I half to do my homework now?

On the upside, I’m sorta rich now.

Later- Dad’s car

Dad’s acting a little funny today. He was really distracted (even more than usual). See, he’s an inventor and a carpenter part time, so he’s either really really focused or really really distracted. But not really really really really distracted, like today.

So, he picked me up and was all, “huh? Oh, oh, yeah….hmm” Either he’s working on another invention, or something’s wrong…

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