Emma Four

Later- The living room

Ok, Amelia (Lia) is here already. Apparently, her mom brought her over half an hour early. Lia’s been waiting for me all this time. How nice of Mrs.Jenkins, eh? I’ll just let her play her favorite game, Pretty Ponies, on out computer. She loves that game! Plays it for hours. I thin- GTG , doorbell!

It was Teddy and Aggie. They are next door neighbors so Teddy’s mom takes them both over here. Teddy is ok, a little loud sometimes but geneally nice. He worships Lia and follows her everywhere. Aggie is totally cute and shyer than shy. She sticks to me or her mom or brother all the time. Did I mention that her brother, Beckett, is the cutest thing ever to hit Buzz High? Well, he is. And I have had a major crush on him since he first brought Aggie over the first day of school. I was sad when Teddy’s mother started bringing them both because it meant that I wouldn’t see him every day. Sigh…

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