Emma Seven

January Fourth-Homeroom

Ok, today is really freakin’ bad so far. I forgot to do my math homework last night and I can’t do it in homeroom becuase we had an assembly today and so I have to do it during lunch and that will take all period because the problems are slope theorum, which is super hard, so I won’t be able to eat, and I didn’t eat breakfast either because my alarm didn’t go off and Amy has the day off today and Kyle and Dad were grumpy AND …BARNABY IS BAAAAACK !!!

I don’t know if I told you about Barnaby…Hmm…No, I didn’t, that was the last twenty-seven journals I wrote in! Barnaby is the most annoying, horrid, evil, yucky, and every other negative adjective in the English language person IN THE WHOLE WORLD ! And he’s in my class again! He went to a different school at the end of last year and we were all SOOOOO happy! And I mean happy. BUT HE ”S COME BACK ! HELP!

And he seems to shudder LIKE MEEEEEE !

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