Emma Eight

Later-My house

Ok, this day is just getting worse. Apparently, while Barnaby was away, his mom had a baby. And guess who her new after school babysitter is? That’s right, moi. And guess who I have to ride home with everyday so he can drop off his sister at my house? That’s right, Barnaby. And guess what all the kids at school are going to say about Barnaby and me? Yeah, I wouldn’t want to repeat it either.

So, today after school B. comes rushing up to me all excited and whatnot, and I have to endure his stink and talk and looks all the way home. Even worse, my dad seems to like him! BLECH !!! On the other hand, his new baby sister is really sweet. Her name is Adrianna, though I already call her Addy. It’s weird though…she’s about three months old, don’t you think that’s a little young to be at a babysitter’s all afternoon? Oh well, bigger paycheck! And sweet baby!


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