Emma Nine

I’m really miseralble. I’m hungry as heck, B. put me in a really really reeeeeeally bad mood, Dad’s still distracted, and Amy’s all happy because she got on a stupid basketball team. Great…AND I didn’t finish my homework yet. Oh yeah, and I got detention for not finishing it last night.

Sad Emma.

January Fifth-Homeroom

Well, today is going a little better than yesterday. Barnaby the Evil isn’t in ALL my classes, only MOST of them. Sigh… Well, it’s really ok, acually. Today’s ok. Amy has school too, lunch is pizza, and I did all my homework. Really, I did. SERIOUSLY !!! Haha.
This is my favorite class because we can all pass notes. Although Karly and Mitch (my sort-of friends at school- I don’t really like them but they are better than nothing) are the only ones who pass me notes, I still get to read everyone else’s because I sit between Melissa Hart and Andrew Donagy, the two most popular kids in school, to whom all notes eventually make their way to, and therefore to me too.

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