Dream Challenge:????'s strangly philisophicle dream

I woke up on a dusty plain.There was nothing around me but dust and a few scraggly bushes.Heat shimmers on the horizon,but I dont feel uncomfortable.I stand up and try to shout,but the sound wont come.I start to run,to where I dont know,and I look up at the sky.Its empty.Black.I trip and fall.As I land in the dust,it swirls around me.I cough and roll on my back,once again looking to the sky.A single star appears.I dont know what to think.I close my eyes and raise myself to a sitting posistion.I hear running water,the rustle of trees on a windy day.I open my eyes and am startled to see a stream,im surrounded by trees on all sides.Grass covers the ground and dew the grass.I stand up and turn around in wonderment,and I see a door behind me.I walk to it and cautiosly push it open.Reality calls from the door.The real world.I laugh and run away from the door, into the trees,not looking back.
Whos to say whats real anyway?

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