{Tiggerstripn2 Challenge}Wild Blue Yonder

2 weeks later and im faking credentials to fill in for a guy I hit with a car.Wow.Sounds like a Dane Cook joke.Now, here I am,flying planes.Planes filled with people,no less. Of course the 1 drunk guy at that entire party happens to be an airplane pilot and happens to jump behind my car as im backing up.So here I am now,sweating in the pilots seat as my copilot punches various buttons.He gives me a look and I reach for the intercom.”Ladies and Gentelmen,Thank you for taking, uh.. What flight is this again?”I try to whisper to my copilot,”Right, the 2:15 flight to Mexico.What?Oh yes right Canada,sorry bout that.”I quickly set down the projecter as my copilot gives me a look.He tells me its go time and I twiddle my fingers and reach for a random lever.I push it forward and the plane lurches with it.Wer off.Flying away into the wild blue yonder without a clue how to steer.I steathily try to move the parachute closer to my side as the plane heads down the runway.

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