This Is Fo All U Hata's Who Is Dissin My List Fo Havin Rap. So Here's The Lyrics To A Hip-Hop Song About Hip-Hop By KJ-52. He Even Agrees With You Guys.

Hey everybody won’t you look at me now,
I’m on VH1 they got me on the countdown!
Got a phone call that’s how I found out
I’m on TV ya’ll, who’s the man now?
40 least hip-hop moments ya’ll now check this
Yo boy KJ five two came in in number twenty six.
But really man i think i just got gypped!
I should be in the top ten ahead of Will Smith
But thanks VH1 for putting me on that list
Everybody knows that Dear Slim is justa diss.
I only prayed for the guy, it’s so obvious!
Tht’s not hip-hop, I-I-guess
I should rap about lootin and stealing,
Bein a villian, maybe drug-dealin..
That way I could probly sell like twelve million!
I mean who cares about doing something for the children right?
See, guys? He even agrees with you.
Btw, just to clear it up – this is not my song. These are KJ-52’s lyrics and song, not mine.

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