The Color of Obsession

Red had always been her favorite color. For as long as she could remember.
It had all started with a red rubber ball. She couldn’t put it down. It had been her constant companion. In fact, she still had that ball somewhere.
Since then, red had been her obsession. She ate only red foods. Dressed in only red clothing. Her hair was even red. But that was genetics. And destiny.
Yes, she loved red. Red was the color of roses and strawberries. It represented love, lust, and passion. And she certainly loved her newest addition to her red obsession. In fact, she was in the middle of consuming it right now.
Somehow she had drifted off into the nostalgic days of old while in the middle of her newest obsession. Somedays she wished she could return to those days and tell her younger self where this red fixation would lead her. But she can’t.
She starts as the warm liquid touches her hand. She looks down at the helpless man and smiles. As the blood continues to flow, she licks it from her fingers.

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