Mother's Always Right

Holden’s grip tightened on the rental car. “Where the hell is he?” He asked rhetorically. Scarlet couldn’t help but feel guilty.
“I’m sorry, Holden.” She whispered. You’ve hurt him, and everyone else! she silently admonished herself.
“Where the hell is Josiah?” He asked again, ignoring her. When he screeched to a halt at the red light, Scarlet got out of the car. It was seconds before he realized she had left. He followed behind her.
“Where are you going?” He screamed out the window.
“I don’t know… Somewhere.” Scarlet turned away from him. “I’m-”
“Why does it all have to be about you? Every freakin’ thing that has happened is your fault! Some maniac is in the same town as my mother, and now my brother is missing!”
“I’m sorry! I told you to leave me alone! You wouldn’t listen! I never asked you to come back!” Luckily, the rain hid her tears. “I’m turning myself in.” Holden’s foot slammed on the brake as she ran ahead.
“Good riddance.” He whispered. “My mother was right about you!” He screamed.

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