dream challenge: picnic2

There is one wall. One wall and the floor. On the wall are two huge cakes, and I am eying them, for I have quite a sweet-tooth. All of a sudden a person stands up on a bench and announces that dinner is to begin. I look up to see everyone in fast forward motion. No one cares because if they did, they would stop and ask me if I needed anything. But they don’t so I stand there for an overall three seconds before all the cars drive away super-fast. I look around and realize there except for me. No one cares. No one has remembered me. Someone has removed the picnic tables; and now all I have with me is a room full of crumbs, and the two cases of the cakes. I didn’t get any cake. I slowly sink to my knees and a single tear slides down my cheek. One question runs through my mind: “Why doesn’t anyone love me?â€? before I wake up.

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