White Light & All The Colors In The Rainbow {my first challenge}

I’ve waited so long for this moment.
The bandages that stretch tightly around my head are holding in the darkness of a lifetime.
My daughter and grand daughter sat patiently while the doctor removed the first layer of gauze.
The four-year-old girl sprang from her mother’s lap;
I heard the crinkle of paper.

“Windy, what was that” I asked?

“It’s a surprise Nana” she said with excitement.

“Can you see now”?

“Not yet baby” .

Light filtered through, white light.
Blink while I turn up the lighting said the doctor.
Blurred shapes started to emerge coming slowly into focus.
Windy stood in front of me holding the paper.
A teardrop slipped from the corner of my eye and ran slowly down my cheek.

“Look Nana, I colored you a rainbow” .

“Oh Windy, it’s the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen” .

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