Of Payphones and Brothers

“Hey, Miss, you got a light?” Scarlet turned to the man behind her. Something was familiar about his strong chin, his tell-all eyes. She blurted out the first name that popped into her head.
“Holden!” Scarlet covered her mouth in embaressment.
“No… Hey, how d’ya know him?”
“He’s my… Listen, we gotta find him!” Scarlet frantically turned in circles. Finally, she caught sight of the payphone. “Gimmee fifty cents.” She held out her hand to the man.
“Say, what’s going on?”
“I have to tell your brother that I’ve found you!” She grabbed the coins from his hand. With amazing accuracy, she punched in the numbers.
Hello?” The signal was weak.
“Holden, I…”
Scarlet, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean a word of it!
“That’s nice, Holden,” she said dismissively. “But, I found Josiah! I’m telling you, I’ve found him!” With a clink, the call was cut short. Please insert another quarter if you wish to complete this call. “Dammit!” Scarlet slammed the receiver on the hook.
“Oh, I don’t think you’ll need it.”

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