The guy thought about this, then got up and started massaging my other breast. Under this treatment, they both soon began to rise. “Ooooh, she feels that!” the girl giggled. And indeed I did. It wasn’t unpleasant at all.

“Now what are you gonna do?” the guy asked.

The girl slid down past my waist. “I think I’m gonna go exploring!” She lifted up the elastic of my skirt and slid down inside. “Oooooh, what a big girl!” Her arms began to explore.

“Oh yeah? This I gotta see.” The guy crawled in next to the girl, and put his arms in, too. “Oh wow, she’s huge!”

“Dare ya to crawl inside!” the girl said mischievously.

The guy snorted. “Why don’t you?”

The girl giggled. “Maybe we both should. This is getting me hot again.”

I could definitely feel the results of their explorations. I hoped they wouldn’t stop.

“Look, she’s opening wider. I think she wants us to come in!” the girl said. And she began to push her way in.

The guy blinked. “Janie? Oh hell…” And then he was pushing in after her.

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