predator and prey

Walking down the hall, I know that the risk I am takin gis very dangerous. Any one of those men could be anywhere. I almost scream at every turn I take, just so i dont have to see what is coming. But I don’t.

When I see daylight shining in from a door, I am overwhelmed. Yes, I think, an exit. I start speed-walking towards the door, trying to be a quick and as quiet as possible. The way I am handling this situation reminds me of how in those national geographic videos, you see a mouse in the middle of a field, and an owl at the edge of it. All you can do is urge the mouse on, even though you know the owl will find and kill it. They are the predators, and I am the prey.
As soon as I step outside I feel a strong arm wrap around my waist and foul breath in my ear, whispering something about escaping.

I told you the mouse would be caught

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