Surviving in a Vacuum

Half the galaxy away Bill Veruck’s buxom, blonde date was waiting for a message from him. The normally prompt second in command of the Federated Star Systems carrier “America” was late and she was worried.


Bill struggled into an emergency pressure suit as the partial pressure of oxygen dropped below 20%. The America had been refitted to carry intra-atmospheric fighters instead of the fuel it had been designed for and this flight was supposed to be a test of the new systems.

But then the Alliance battleship had dropped out of hyperspace almost on top of them and the fight had begun. He had to get to the hangar deck to let the fighters that had been on the third test launch land. If they had survived the battle, that is. Stealth they might be, but the Alliance had taken out stealth craft before.

But it was more than that: the hangar decks had the emergency transmitters and a compliment of repair-bots. If the America was ever going to get home, both were needed.

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