Bitter Heart

He’d finally gotten the courage. The courage to walk up to her, to look her in the eye, to ask. And miracle of miracles, she actually said yes.
He didn’t think his heart could get any fuller. And she certainly seemed happy. She laughed, she smiled, she held his hand. There was even a kiss or two.
But the winds were shifting.
He overheard his name one day flying around the room in whispers. When he finally caught the lie, he couldn’t believe his ears.
She dared to cheat on him and call him a fool? Well, she would see what deceiving was really all about.
On the next date, he pretended that he had not even caught a whiff of the horrible truth. He treated her with the utmost respect and even walked her to her front door. As she leaned in to give him a kiss from her traitorous lips, that’s when he taught her a great lesson. He taught her that no one stabs him in the back, not even someone he loves.
As he walked away, not looking back, she collapsed in a heap while blood ran freely down her back.

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