What's With All These New Challenges? (Otherwise Known as Stovohobo's 300th Ficlet)

I’ve been noticing that lately, for some reason, almost all of the Most Popular and Active ficlets are challenges. This had never happened before, not at this magnitude, at least. It seems now there are more and more ficleteers succumbing to peer pressure and making a challenge at their whatever-eth ficlet. I’m all for it, really, but how do I choose which one to enter?

Anyways, my 300th ficlet has finally come around (huzzah for no life!) and I’ve been laboring over what to make the challenge for weeks. Should it be something that spans the whole website? Well, I may not have the power or the authority to do that. I’m thinking I’ll just use one of my tried and true contests: remember the five-word challenge?

Yes, that’s the one…except this time, they’re from the Spell Bowl list. Get ready for some research!

Your five words: avoirdupois, boutonniere, cowcatcher, gramophone, in medias res.

Words must be used correctly, but can be used anywhere within the story. Good luck, and Godspeed!

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