Escape To Saftey

Kevin landed on his feet. The pain was almost unbearable. His feet stung but he moved on. He had too. He ran across the open land looking for somewhere to hide. Surely he would have lost him by now. Panting hardly Kevin continued his dash. Up ahead he could see sparkles of light. It was a town!!!!! He was safe he could feel it.

Kevin kept going forward towards the town. He was only a mere 50 meters away. Safety was awaiting him. He was so close.

Kevin entered the town. It was still the mid of night so nobody was out. Kevin began to breath easier as he looked for a place to hide. He noticed that he was a mess. Cuts and bruises everywhere. His hair shaggy and uncombed. His clothes ripped and ragged. And he couldn’t forget about the extreme pain in his back. He would have to find a place to rest for the night. Then the next day clean himself up, and take proper care of his cut. But none of this could be done now. He didn’t want to bring any attention to his whereabouts.

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