Pete and I were just chillin in the club that night. When this guy good looking man walked up to our table and I knew he wasn’t coming to talk to me, tonite Pete I went to a gay club because I was tired of the pick up lines. “Pete this guy is coming to talk to you.”
“Excuse me, but I have been watching you for half an hour now and I just want to know what it is like to dance with someone that knows how to move. Would you like to dance with me?â€? Before Pete could get a word out, I answered for him, “He would love to dance with you.â€? With Pete giving me the evil look, I mouthed to him, “What he is cute?â€? Pete and the mystery man went out on the floor, after the song Pete came back to the table. “Well, what is his name?”
“I don’t know I never asked and he never asked me my name. Weird you think he would want to know my name?”
“I do know one thing; you have a date with him tomorrow night at Twenty21 restaurant in Philly at 10 o’clock. He knows you like your privacy.”
“Lin how do you know all of this?”

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