Scarlet tried to face the speaker. Whoever it was made sure to keep a firm grip on her shoulders in order to prevent her doing so. Something rough and hurt about his voice reminded her of someone…
“Charlie!” She exclaimed, she tried to turn once more, but his hold was rigid. “Charlie, let me go, please!” Scarlet begged.
“Not in a million years. You will not get away again.” His voice was nearly breaking; as was his will.
“Charlie,” she whispered. “Let me go.” A tear fell to her shoulder. “Let me go, Charlie.” His grip loosened. “Please.” His hands fell to his sides.
“Oh, Scarlet, I didn’t want to! Honestly I didn’t!” He cried. Josiah watched suspiciously.
“Then do me one last favor. Turn away.” Scarlet warned. Charlie’s face was puzzled. “Turn away right now, Charlie, and don’t try to find us.” Sobbing, he nodded.
“Scarlet,” he caught her arm as she and Josiah turned to run. “I loved you. I loved you, first. Promise me you’ll remember that.”
“And I once loved you.” Lifting her chin, Scarlet ran.

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