Suicide, or Murder?

Without a sound, without a glance at anybody else, I walk into my Math classroom, and grab a bathroom pass. I heard whispers as I walked in the hall, while their eyes notified me that they were, indeed, talking about why my face was red, my face streaked with tears.

Bursting through the girls’ bathroom entrance, I grab a stall and slam the door. I heard the click-clack of heels scurrying out of the bathroom at the sound of me storming in. Once I was sure I was alone, I begin to weep.

She has everything, why couldn’t she leave the one thing I truly want for me? If I hadn’t have told her that, she would’ve left him alone! I think and begin to weep some more.


..or killing her and serving jail time.

Suicide or murder.

Murder or suicide.

“Should I kill her, or commit suicide..” I accidently pondered to myself.

I heard a gasp echo against the walls. “Who’s there?” I ask.

“It’s okay, suicide’s not the answer.”

Who is that?!

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