The Infected

Frak you,” Simon spewed. “Something worse…”

“Such as?” Blake asked, a bit confused.

“I was infected,” Stephanie replied. “So was my husband. I had to kill him to keep it from spreading. And I had to do this to myself to stave it off.”

“You gorram bitch!” Simon shouted. “Had to do this? Frak you.”

Blake raised an eyebrow at Simon’s outburst. “Why?” he simply asked.

“The infection doesn’t affect the dead,” she replied. “So, will you help me?”

Simon’s eyes rolled around. Blake concurred; “Help with what?” he asked.

“Find who infected me,” she replied in an upset tone. “Find him and stop him.”

“And what is this gorram infection?” Simon asked, skeptical.

Stephanie smirked, releasing a stream of smoke from between her rosy red lips. “Hybridism,” she replied. “An infection of foreign DNA . A mutation.”

“Whatever,” Simon spewed.

“A little more info there, lady?” Blake asked.

“An infection resulting in sadism, cannibalism, vampirism, lupinism, not to mention a gambit of less savory things.”

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