Not Yet A Bright And Free Brick

The bicycles inside your skull send you away and off you go.
“Are you even listening to me?”
She turned; she’d been thinking about someone else. “Sorry,” she mumbled. “What were you saying?”
“Do you think I should break up with Kane?” her friend asked, fingering the material of a dress she couldn’t afford.
She didn’t know why her friend was so fickle.
All the pretty girls collect their thoughts for you and aggravate your paranoid. Every week her friend had a different boyfriend and she had never even had one. Constantly worrying about her appearance and her personality had made her depressed. She was not fun to be around.
“I’m not really the best person to ask in this situation.” She smiled half-heartedly at her friend. Her lip quivered; she knew she would cry. “I have to go.”
She hated telling people her feelings, but when she thought of him; she wasn’t scared about being herself. She was ready to show someone who she really was.
The lizard skins around yourself drop off and let the others through.

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