Robot Uprising

In frustration, George slammed his fist against the side of the EMP generator. He jumped backwards, clutching his broken fingers with the other hand before leaping forward once again to deliver a kick to the uncooperative machine. At the last, common sense prevailed and prevented his foot from suffering the same fate as his hand. So instead, the air just above and to the side of the box received a healthy, if ineffectual, strike.

On the verge of tears George collapsed into the slightly damp grass, and with his uninjured hand took up, once again, the torn and rumpled instruction manual. He shuffled quickly through the pages, hoping that this time, the solution to his problem would be readily apparent.

Turn the machine off and on. Done and redone. Reset switches A, B, and C. Yes, yes, and yes. Check connections under panel 4. Of course. If all else fails, call customer support in Tokyo…

Hah! Tokyo, of all the rotten luck.

A laser beam lanced the roof of his garage and started a fire.

George began to sob.

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