A Time to Live, A Time to Die

Slime oozing down its legs the creature came nearer. Hate, tangible and real, glared from its eyes like an exploding star, blood and gore dripped from it as it walked.

Death. Pure death in demon form, came towards him.

Struck with panic he pushed himself harder against the little stone wall. Praying that somehow he’d blend with the yellow rock and the thing walk, heedless, past him.

His ploy failed.

While still a hundred yards away those blazing eyes sought him out. It focused on him by sniffing the air like one of his father’s hunting leverns.

Terror made him dig his fingers deep into the parched soil, bruising and cutting his fingers.

How long? How many heartbeats before his life was over?

The creature walked towards him, changing, slipping into a female form. Naked and strewn with the guilt of its carnage.

This image, so attractive, seemed even more hideous for the evil it had done.

“I have killed them all,” she said, her voice arousing and warm. “Just as you wished, Master.”

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