Little Boys

Little boys are dirty. Little boys are destructive, violent and evil. Boys are horny and perverted, and just plain horrible. That’s what I had heard from the mothers of boys I have babysat for, from the ladies at the daycare from almost everyone who has ever raised a boy

Little boys can be a handful. They are much more energetic than little girls. I have been told that I should have charged double when the little child I was babysitting was a boy. Boys are messy, unruly and crazy. Boys are little demons, girls are the perfect ones that everyone wants. Girls are sweet and loving, kind and gentle. Boys are just, icky.

That’s what I’ve always been told or shown. That I should pray beg for a little girl. But let me tell you, when my Tyler was born I couldn’t have been happier. I loved him and all his boyishness. He was adorable, he was sweet, he was a boy. And even though he can be crazy sometimes, their is always a smile at the end. His big blue eyes can always forgive a silly destruction that can be fixed.

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