Twenty21 pt3

“Pete you have to spill you have been out everynite this week with Landon and all he can do is just give me a big smile when ever I ask about you and him. So tell I want details. I haven’t seen you in a week and I’m starting to wonder if you have been sleeping in your bed because I call and you don’t answer or call back like you use to.”

“Well I have been spending the nite in my own bed thank you very much. I have seen Landon everynite this week but he goes home to his house. We have just been getting to know each other and not in the physical; we haven’t even kissed yet. With is very unusually for me I always get those guys that all they want to do is hit it and quit it.”

“Are you going to see him tonite?”

“Well, we have plans to go to the art gallery that is tonite. But we have been doing simple things I like going to the park and going to see a movie, and then sometimes we will just stay in and chill. I like him a lot I’m glad that you set me up at the club.”

“I had to after you set me up.”

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