Please, Oh Please Move My Seat!

I went throughout my day, avoiding Serena to the best of my abilities – which I admit, are particularly sufficient.

The next day, against everything I believed in, I wore black. Not even just a black tee, no – I went full out. Black cropped pants with black boots and black underarmour with a black tee over top. I felt gothic, so I added plastic fat pink hoops with a green plastic pearl necklace. Well, it was better.

The reason behind my black attire was so that I could hang with my friend Abby from a while ago – she became emo, so I decided, for today, I was going to hang out with her and her crew, as to steer clear of Selena.

My friends looked at me funny, as did the teachers, but I glared at my friends and shrugged at my teachers – they didn’t need to know.

But then came my most dreaded class of the day – OHH . After checking my grade on the school website, an eighty-three, I used that as an excuse to ask for a new seating arrangement.

“I need to bring up my grade – can you move my seat?”

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