Space Burps: The Beginning

Drakinot sighed as he reached for his jacket.

First the Captain chewed his ass out for being 1.3 minutes late and of course the day went downhill from there.

As punishment they’d made him walk the beat instead of riding in his nice hover cruiser. In the rain. And of course today was the day that he discovered his rain coat leaked.

Finally he made it home with the mistaken notion that he could now relax. But no that wasn’t going to happen. Fluffy wanted milk. Not just any milk of course. Fluffy wanted the special triple cream variety which the place downstairs didn’t carry. He was going to have to make the trip down to the corner store.

Grabbing his jacket, Drakinot cursed as it dripped water onto the shoes he’d just finished polishing. Tossing it to the side he grabbed a dry jacket. As he walked out the door he realized that his 1.2 mm plasma gun was in the other jacket.

“Oh well,” he thought as he walked out the door, “I’m only going to the corner, what could happen to me?”

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