OTOC: Giving Up.

For reasons of which you do NOT need to know, OTOC is officially giving up on the high and mighty challenge of beating Stovohobo.

What’s going through your mind right now:

“She’s such a wimp, giving up that easy. She’s such a loser.”

Okay. Well then. I’m not giving up because of the challenge. It’s just..

..I can’t tell you. Or I’d have to kill you. Oh dear, I’ve said too much, I must flee!!!


Anywhoways. I’m sorry for those of you who were rooting for me, a.k.a. NONE OF YOU ! =P

Perhaps I’ll make the same goals, challenge, for myself, maybe I’ll try to produce more ficlets than somebody else.. Laine P. Grey? THX0477 ? Blueyedwonder?

P.S. This isn’t a sign of weakness, I swear.

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