My single friend

I wiped my tears, hugging my knees. I was lonely, sad, I was friendless.
I saw a flicker of color to my right. I glanced over at it quickly, then, realizing it was a butterfly.
It could be my friend, my one, single friend.

My friend who’s not too busy getting high to hang out.
Or one who’s not too drunk to speak.

It will be my one perfect friend.
Wait, nothing’s perfect.

The idea of perfect is the one flawless thing in existance.

Even that is questionable.

I sit there, the butterfly next to me flapping it’s wings.
Creating a masterpiece of color.

Then, something happens unexpectantly.
Something so harsh, so unimaginable.

My single friend flies away.
My single friend ditches me.

That is when I realize that the butterfly has left me more alone than ever.

And I’m not ready for the loneliness yet.

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