Without Balance

Without love, there is no life, for life is meant for love
No point to fight, for what is right, unless there’s ample love
Without hate, there is no rage, for when there’s rage, there’s hate
But without rage to balance love, life suffers an erroneous fate
Without merriment, there is no glory, for glory comes with joy
And without this there is no aim, so vitality will cease to subsist
Without sorrow, we’d be nothing but jubilant
This could not be, for we’d have no harmony
And without harmony, our world would be at fault
And with a world at fault, all life would suffocate
Without courage, we take no risks
And a life without risks, is all but significant
An insignificant life is an unfulfilled life
And an unfulfilled life means nothing
Without fear, we’d be in danger
For common sense would be nil
And without practicality to keep us sane
Life would fail to advance
Without balance, nothing works
For life is meant for balance
With no balance,
there is no life
Without balance
we would lose

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