Time of Dying

It was another moonless night and she sat out on the lawn staring down at the scars on her wrists. Wondering what had become of her. A couple years ago she always seemed like one of the most vibrant people in the world. Now it was like all those years of pain had become to much. Slicing up her own body was the only thing that helped. She thought hard about taking her own life away. What is the point anyway? We all just end up in the same place in the end…dead. So why not make it sooner?
She felt a strange presence as she thought these words and she looked up. Standing on her porch was a black figure she new instantly as death though she couldn’t describe how she knew this. She had a fleeting instinct to run but then felt calm.If this is it then there is no escape. She looked up at death with her hurt-filled eyes, waiting for him to make his final judgement.
Death shook his head and just with his eyeless stare he told her “Not tonight, It’s not tonight. I’ll tell you when the time is right.â€?

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