How To Kill Charlie

How does a werewolf leave the human half behind? How? He doesn’t know, and he only left himself behind as a consequence, because he had knelt and took the gun from Fire’s hand. She was still warm, and he hadn’t thought of reasons for why. He held her hand and pulled the trigger with his left middle finger, took his own life- or rather, half of it- and flipping an unconscious Nate off. Never did he feel himself hit the dusty floor, its carpet as soft as Fire’s lips.

Why would anybody leave themselves behind? When you see too much. Charlie doesn’t like his eyes, they always see too, too much.

Too many reasons, excuses, unfinished stories, and unforgettable music playlists. So he kept running.

The beast inside of him was who he was now, and the marshmallow human part of him- the one so badly broken it hurt to breathe, live -was the one he left behind. Only a matter of time.

Run, run, run, he thought. Run from Fire. Run from Charlie the marshmallow, the human broken in pieces like no young adult should be.

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