Confusing Love

Cool crisp breeze hits my face, tears stream down my cheeks. “You can’t got back and face him.” my thoughts screamed. I longed to be at home, hiding under the covers of my bed. “I can do this” I thought.I wipe my tears away and turned to go face my fears.I was ready and strong. That’s when I saw him, standing there with curly, jet black hair shimmering in the faint sun. He stood tall, leaning against the door, those evergreen eyes bore into mine. A smile cept across his pale, white face, when saw the fear in my eyes. “Hello, Bella”, his velvet voice said. I said nothing and longed to run, run far so far away. But my legs were rooted to the ground and wouldn’t let me move. He inched closer making my skin crawl with anticipation. He stood now inches away from my face. I could feel the old spice and wood bark armoa fill my lungs. I knew I couldn’t move under his spell. “Bella”, he soothing voice whispered. I studder and found some strengh to turn away for his mazmerising eyes. “Bella” he whispered now in my ear.

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