Chocolate Covered Strawberries pt4

Well let me finish with you before you start with me. With him really starting to show his excitement he had me stop and put on his boxers. It’s you turn to have your needs met. He got in the bed and sat up against the wall with the pillows behind him. Come on sit in between my legs. I know that you have needed this for the longest time; you hold all of your stress in your body let me help you get rid of it. With that he began to pull my shirt over my head and unhinge my bra straps. He pushed my head forward and began to move his hands over me. With his hands moving and exploring my body, he moved to my hair, playing with it in a way that he had never played with it before. What all did you talk to Pete about? I feel like you have all of my secrets. With me eyes beginning to roll back he whispered in my ear Pete said that this is how I would know if I was doing it right. With that he started to kiss my neck; he moved to the side making it able for me to lay on my back.

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